“Civil Construction Experts”
When it comes to moving the earth for you, Kutolunga Contracting Pty Ltd is your partner of your choice.

We have over 15 years of collective experience in every aspect of changing the lay of the land to suit construction or civil engineering needs.

Detailed Solutions

We have worked out the ideal earthworks and civil construction solutions for a range of different projects. The scope, scale, budget and time- parameters for excellence in delivery for each project was vastly different. However, earth moving excellence was achieved on each project because every project we are awarded is treated with absolute and individual attention. The project team treats every project with exactly the same passion to achieve the end goal, as if it were the first project we ever did. We grasp the opportunity to make a difference. Attention to detail, sheer sweat, smart thinking, and a budget that works as hard as we do is our formula.

We believe that if we move the earth for you (even once), we will get the opportunity to do it again and again. So far earth moving passion has worked for us, as well as our clients, on all our projects.

Corporate Social Investment

We believe that our moral contract to society is on one we cannot default. It is our responsibility to create a greater world; a better world. It is not a corporate responsibility – it is our obligation as caring human beings. It our investment in society as people who genuinely care – which is why our investment focuses on providing assistance and upliftment to the communities in which we operate. Where we have an effect on peoples lives, we want it to always be a positive one that brings change for good. To us, education is the greatest foundation – and it is the key to a constructive future. This is why we support Education in Eswatini.

Education in Eswatini reaches the poorest of the poor by assisting dis- advantaged Eswatini nationals in attaining a quality, relevant education  that will enable them to become productive in the local job market – and citizens that contribute to our global competitiveness. It’s about economy-focused education that enables opportunities for people to fully participate in the global economy.