Project Managements

Solutions and working out the best and fastest and most cost-efficient way to get the job done is what we are all about. Our model isn’t employing people and lots of machinery. We’re smarter than that.

We are about employing the right kind of people and using the right equipment – to do a better job. Working smarter means reducing the dependency on plant and labor but still achieving the desired, top-quality outcome, for our clients. That’s constructive don’t you think? That’s how we think. That’s how we work.

People Power

Kutolunga Contracting Pty Ltd is a 10+ strong company of permanent professionals. From our directors through to our “on the ground” staff, we work together as a team of people who know the value of work. We understand the business – and we work with one another to do the best job we can. We keep it lean and keen.

Depending on each project, we up-scale our base of expertise to purpose suit each project. By keeping our company busy, we employ to employ an additional number of staff. Some companies refer to these people as ‘casual labor’. Not us.

There is nothing casual about the labour we do. We all know and value the opportunity for work. Anyone who works with us is respected and paid good wage for good hard work. The best sums are done with a little sweat.